James Kerley...This is your life reel.

Sometimes the best way to describe where someone has come and who they truly are...is with a highly factual documentation of there life...like this one..

Travel Reel

Working for Channel V at the time, Kerley had a plan travel around the world and do all the things he dreamt of at high school and for many years since....and some how get someone else to pay.

Kerley came up with the idea of a show that was a bucket list of things to do before we turn 30. He named the show B430 and co created the format with [V] now in it's 3rd series.

DK International Pty Ltd.

Jamie' and Davvid were two infomercial hosts with flexible sexualities and even less fixed morals. Here is one of the worst products they tried to peddle.


Like the old buffet we knew at Sizzler restaurants Kerley's career has been wide and varied- there's beed some prized steak and quality main meal moments and, well, some coleslaw shows...that left a funny taste in everyone's mouth...The following is small selection of that buffet...

The Man Plan - By James Kerley

3 Minute

... documentary looking at the life of James Kerley.


... were his parents growing up?


... sort of childhood is that?


... did he push through such adversity?

These are but a few of the questions this piece will leave you asking...

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Olivia Hoopman


Michael Jackson (different one, still working)


Martin Pashley


Dave Lawson and James Kerley


Dan Gustafson

Executive Producer

Ange Beal